How to get instant relief from backache & headache?

How to get instant relief from backache & headache?

Backache or headache can easily interrupt your productive hours. Constant pain in the head or back reduces the level of concentration that we need to use while working on anything. A tablet can provide you relief in just half an hour. But, you must think about the side effects associated with the use of these types of medicines. The regular use of pain relief medicines can lead to serious damage to your internal organs.

Now you must have realized that you need to switch to some natural or herbal options to manage your pain.

Pain balms or rubs are the perfect alternatives

Herbal pain balm like Achoo is the perfect alternative to allopathic oral medicines when dealing with backache, headache, or joint pain. As it contains herbal properties like wintergreen and eucalyptus oil, it tends to provide instant relief while leaving no side effects in your body. We can easily buy them from a nearby store or online market at affordable prices.

Why Achoo Pain Balm & Pain balm Plus is the best amongst all

The all-natural formulation with the help of 100% natural and herbal actives, Achoo proves to be one of the best herbal pain balms in India. The brand offers two different products to provide relief from pain that has mild to strong intensity.

Achoo pain balm is useful in headache, backache, & body ache. This balm gives instant relief from backache or headache in just a few seconds.

Ingredients used:

Achoo pain balm is made using 100% natural actives like camphor, wintergreen oil, turpentine oil, menthol, clove oil & Thymol Crystal. The compound of wintergreen oil, methyl salicylate work like aspirin that helps in reducing pain, while camphor works as a natural painkiller that helps improve blood circulation through stiff muscles.

Achoo offers two different pain relief balms; Achoo Pain Balm & Achoo Pain Balm Plus to deal with the pain of variable intensity.

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