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  • Pain Balm

    ACH…OO Pain Balm ( Pack of 3 x 10ml) For Headache, Body Ache & Cold with 100% Natural Actives

    • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Menthol – 21%, Wintergreen oil – 10%, Camphor – 6%, Turpentine oil – 2.250%, Eucalyptus – 2%, Thymol Crystal-0.075%, Clove oil – 0.075%, Base – Q.S
    • BENEFITS: Provides relief from headache & body ache due to lifestyle stress or cold symptoms
    • FAST ACTION: Whether before, during, or after physical activity or workout, apply Ach…oo pain balm whenever you experience pain, muscle soreness, or aching joints. It gets absorbed into your skin and provides instant relief from any type of headache & body pain.
    • LONG-LASTING RELIEF: Our unique pain-relieving formula with 100% natural actives provides long-lasting relief from headache, cold, and body pain.  ACH..OO Pain Balm is non-greasy, stain-free, and no side effects
    • DIRECTIONS: Gently apply and massage on the affected area and leave it to get absorbed into the skin. Use 3 to 4 times in a day for quick results. Don’t apply on wounds, cuts, and damaged skin
  • Pain Balm

    ACH…OO Pain Balm Plus For Headache, Body Ache & Cold with 100% Natural Actives

    • ACH…OO PAIN BALM+ shows analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties
    • ACH…OO PAIN BALM+ helps relief from bodyache, Joints pain & muscle pain
    • ACH…OO PAIN BALM+ is made using 100% natural actives
    • ACH…OO PAIN BALM+ is not irritant to skin
    • ACH…OO PAIN BALM+ has no side effects
    • ACH…OO PAIN BALM+ may benefits in chronic pain conditions
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