Why should you keep a herbal inhaler & applicator with yourself while travelling?

Why should you keep a herbal inhaler & applicator with yourself while travelling?

Cold and headache are common these days. We can find out multiple factors like climate, immunity, viral, bad eating habits, etc that may cause nasal congestion, headache, and cold.

In India, before using medicines for mild health problems, everybody tries to treat themselves with herbal home remedies. If still, they do not get a response with these herbal home remedies, they proceed to go to a suitable doctor for treatment.

But what if you are travelling and you are not able to treat yourself with herbal home remedies?

You can keep a quality herbal inhaler and applicator like ACH…OO 2in1 during the travelling.

Why ACH…OO 2in1?

It is a tiny herbal inhaler accompanied by an applicator inside the same. It gives you dual benefits of herbal inhaler for nasal congestion as well as an applicator for treating mild headache. It is made using 100% natural ingredients: camphor, wintergreen oil, menthol, and eucalyptus oil.

Easy to carry

The herbal inhaler in cold keeps you free from the little worries related to your health. The best thing about this herbal inhaler is that it can be tucked with your car or house keys or you can keep it in your pocket.

List of 5 factors that makes you understand the need for a herbal inhaler or applicator with you:

  • You cannot expect pharmacy shops opened all the time
  • You should avoid regular use of painkillers for mild health problems like cold, headache, and nasal congestion
  • You cannot prepare a fresh herbal home remedy anywhere during travelling
  • Headache and nasal congestion can cut down the level of fun on your trip
  • It is a must-have herbal medicine, which must be kept in your bag, especially travelling to low-temperature places

With all these factors, you must have understood the value of herbal inhaler and why it should be taken along during travelling.


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